Print scripts

Use the document to learn how to print scripts


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

  1. Select File > Print.

  2. In the Print dialog, select the following:

    1. Paper size in which you want to print the script.

    2. Number of pages to print. You can choose to print all pages, or specify a range of pages in the script that you want printed.

    3. Select Print Only Changed Pages if you want to print only the pages that have changed since the Track Changes feature was turned on. For example, if the page range selected for printing is 5-9 and pages 6-7 have changed since tracking was turned on, only pages 6-7 are printed.

    4. You can now print multiple non-contiguous scenes from a script. For example, you can select and print scenes 5, 8, 23, and 28.

    5. Click OK.

    6. In the Print dialog, choose from the available options to print the document.

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