Custom Platform Support

Animate supports creating rich graphics and animations using document types such as ActionScript, HTML5, and WebGL. The Custom Platform Support feature helps to extend the power of Animate to support platforms that are not native to Animate.

Custom Platform Support can be added to Animate by implementing a plugin using a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are provided as part of the Custom Platform Support Development Kit. The developers can create custom platform support plugins for Animate using these interfaces and referring to the the sample code. By installing a platform support plugin for a new document type, users can create their art using the rich feature set of Animate and publish it in the output format of the custom platform. 


The Custom Platform Support feature includes two parts: one for the developer who creates custom platform support plugins and the other for the user who installs and uses the plugin.


If you are a developer who builds add-ons for Animate, you can use the following workflow to develop and distribute your plugins:


For instructions on how to develop Custom Platform Support plugins using the development kit, see Enabling Support for Custom Platforms.

For detailed documentation of APIs in the development kit, see Custom Platform Support API Reference


If you are a Animate user, you can acquire a Custom Platform Plugin using one of the following methods:

  • Download the Custom Platform Support plugin for a platform of your choice from the Adobe Add-ons page. The Adobe Add-on page allows you to acquire a plugin and install it using the Adobe Creative Cloud application. 
  • Get a .zxp file from a plugin developer and install it using the Adobe Extension Manager application.

The following workflow illustrates how you can install a custom platform support plugin and create your custom platform document.

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