Sync Animate Preferences with Creative Cloud

Animate is now fully integrated with Creative Cloud. It allows you to synchronize Preferences to Creative Cloud, first, and across multiple machines (a maximum of two). Besides maintaining a backup on Creative Cloud, the sync preferences feature allows you to restore and reuse preferences despite reinstalling Animate.


This feature is applicable only for Animate 18.0 and earlier versions. 

The following set of preferences can be synced with the Creative Cloud and across multiple machines:

  • Workspace: Includes syncing active workspace and user defined workspaces. When downloaded on a different machine, panels retain their positions with appropriate adjustments made according to the screen resolution.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts/custom presets: Default and customized shortcut keys.
  • Document Properties: Includes document settings related to Stage.
  • Application Level Preferences: Includes options set in the following tabs in Preferences panel:
    • General
    • Sync Settings
    • Code Editor
    • Script files
    • Compiler
    • Text
    • Drawing
  • Sprite Sheet Preferences: Output options for Sprite Sheet Generator, including Image Dimension, Algorithm, Data Format, and so on.
  • Grid, Guide, and Snapping Settings: Grid, Align, Pixels, Objects, Guides, and Snapping options set using View menu in Animate.

You can also choose to sync preferences across two different platforms (MAC and Windows). However, due to various differences in the operating systems, there are limitations when syncing across platforms. Certain settings cannot be synced. For example, keyboard shortcuts that include control (MAC), are ignored when downloading Preferences on a Windows machine.

Syncing Animate Preferences with Creative Cloud

  1. Launch Animate.
  2. On launching Animate for the first time, the Adobe Animate dialog is displayed. 
    1. Begin Syncing: Click the Sync Settings Now button to begin syncing Animate preferences with Creative Cloud. 
    2. Modify Default Sync Settings: Click Advanced. The Sync Settings section of the Preferences Panel is displayed. Review or modify these settings, if necessary.
    3. Disable Syncing: Click the Disable Sync Settings button to disable syncing Animate preferences with Creative Cloud.
  3. At any point in time, if you want to sync with the Creative Cloud, click the button in the Title Bar of Animate, and click Sync Settings Now.
  4. Also, to modify Sync Settings, go to Edit > Preferences > Sync Settings. You can click the Sync Settings Now button to sync the modified settings with Creative Cloud.

Downloading Preferences from the Creative Cloud

You can sync Animate Preferences across two systems. You can modify preferences on a computer, sync these modified settings with the Creative Cloud, and download the same on a different computer.

If Preferences on the second computer are default or unmodified, then you can download Preferences from Creative Cloud. When Preferences are downloaded successfully on to a system, the Updated Settings Are Ready dialog is displayed indicating the same.

However, a case of conflict occurs if Preferences are modified without syncing with the Creative Cloud. For more information on how to resolve such conflicts, see Resolving Sync Conflicts.

For example, consider that you modified Keyboard Shortcuts on a computer at work and synced it with the Creative Cloud. You can then download and apply these preferences at home on a different computer.

  1. Launch Animate.
  2. In Animate, click the button.
  3. Click the Sync Settings Now button.
  4. On the Updated Settings Ready dialog, click Apply to override current preferences with the downloaded copy.


If you quit Animate before applying the downloaded preferences, they are automatically applied on relaunching the application.

Resolving Conflicts

When using multiple machines, you can modify sync settings on any of the machines. However, a case of conflict occurs if you further modify the same settings on a different computer.

For example, consider that you have modified the Sprite Sheet settings on your machine at work (office). You further modify these settings on a machine at home. If the machine at home was not synced with Cloud before modifying Sprite Sheet settings, a case of conflict occurs.

To resolve such a conflict:

  1. In Animate, click the button.
  2. The following dialog box is displayed:

  1. You can choose to retain local settings or download settings from Creative Cloud by using one of the following options: 

Sync Local

Sync local settings on this computer to Creative Cloud; overwrite Creative Cloud version with the local version of settings.

Sync Cloud

Sync from Creative Cloud to your local computer; ignore changes made to the local settings and replace them with the settings downloaded from Creative Cloud.


  • Keyboard Shortcuts added to presets with invalid names (names not supported by the OS) are not synced with Creative Cloud.
  • Also, Keyboard Shortcuts listed under different menus are not synced across systems of different platforms. For example, Font Mapping command is listed under different Menus in MAC and Windows versions of Animate. If Font Mapping is assigned a new keyboard shortcut on MAC and synced with Creative Cloud, it cannot be downloaded and used on Windows.
  • Font Settings are not synced with Creative Cloud.
  • Handling Errors:
    • No Internet Connection: If there is no Internet connection, Animate throws an error, and Sync Settings cannot be uploaded to or downloaded from Creative Cloud. Ensure that the system is connected to a non-faulty internet connection.
    • Server is Busy: If the Creative Cloud server is busy, Animate throws an error, and Preferences cannot be synced from the Creative Cloud.
    • Low Disk Space: If there is less disk space on the local system, Animate throws an error and fails to download Preferences from the Creative Cloud.


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