Find issues fixed in the latest releases of Dreamweaver - versions 19.2.1, 19.2, 19.1, 19.0.1 and 19.0.

August 2019 release (version 19.2.1)

  • Dreamweaver crashes on launch when versions 19.0 to 19.2 are installed on new Windows and Mac devices using Creative Cloud desktop app version 4.9 and later.

June 2019 release (version 19.2)

  • HTML code in PHP documents is not formatted as per settings in Tag Libraries.
  • Extra white spaces getting introduced within strings on applying code formatting for PHP.
  • Applying source formatting for PHP introduced line breaks within inline PHP code.
  • On applying source formatting for PHP code, a space is introduced between < & ? thereby breaking the code.
  • Visibility specifiers in PHP are incorrectly formatted in PHP file by introducing a newline between visibility keyword and function definition.
  • When the PHP file is straight HTML, it should be formatted the same as the HTML file.
  • Anchor tag is broken on formatting a PHP document.
  • PHP code indentation following the HTML indentation.
  • Indent/outdent code not honoring the indent size and Tab spaces settings in Dreamweaver code format preferences.
  • On formatting PHP document, redundant new lines/blank spaces/lines are introduced in the Script tag or JS code in the file.
  • File synchronization dialog gets dismissed on clicking over any file in the list.

April 2019 release (version 19.1)

  • Extensions that are installed for Dreamweaver with English (International) app language are not loaded in Dreamweaver. 
  • On applying source formatting for CSS file, selectors within @media blocks are not formatted.
  • On applying source formatting for a Selection in CSS file, formatting is applied for the entire code in the file.
  • Ctrl_Tab does not switch to next document tab in order if a new document is created/opened
  • mac OS only: On adding ID in the Insert div dialog, Div tag is inserted in the code without the ID.
  • mac OS only: On adding ID in the Insert Main dialog, Main tag is inserted in the code without the ID.
  • mac OS only: Bootstrap page sizes sm, md, lg, xl are not displayed in View Port drop-down list in Document status bar for .dwt templates files that use Bootstrap.

January 2019 release (version 19.0.1)

  • On mac OS, node process consumes 100% CPU on launching Dreamweaver.
  • ESLint displays variable/object not defined error messages for Browser and JQuery objects like document, window, $() and so on. 
  • ESLint displays definition of rule not found error messages for some of the linter rules like for-direction, getter-return, and so on, when you create a .eslintrc.js file from Site setup.

October 2018 release (version 19.0)

Improved stability and security

  • [Win only] Dreamweaver crashes on every launch.
  • [Win only] Dreamweaver app hangs on launch indefinitely.
  • [Mac only] Dreamweaver crashes on opening a new JavaScript file while currently working on a JavaScript file.
  • Node.js is flagged as insecure by internal audit.
  • OpenSSL 1.0.2k shipped with Dreamweaver has security vulnerabilities.
  • Version of zlib.dll shipped with Dreamweaver is unknown and has security vulnerabilities.

Code view

  • Images & color previews in code view cannot be disabled in Dreamweaver without having to edit brackets.json.
  • Auto insertion of quotes & braces cannot be disabled in Dreamweaver without having to edit brackets.json.
  • Corrupted entries are listed for Font size units dropdown in Property Inspector for a Bootstrap document.
  • Cannot drag and drop selected text within code view when the selection contains colon.
  • $_SERVER array elements hints are listed with non-related elements and cannot insert selected element by pressing Enter key.
  • Selected file path for url( ) function in CSS files is not enclosed in quotes.

Real-time preview

  • User cannot switch from Real-time Preview to Preview in Browser and associate primary and secondary browser keyboard shortcuts to preview documents in browser.
  • On selecting a browser for real-time preview, browser displays error “You tried to access an external HTML page, which cannot be opened on the device for preview. Open the page in Dreamweaver to preview the page on the device”.
  • Real-time Preview intermittently stops auto syncing changes made in code view until user clicks in Browser window.
  • Primary and Secondary Browsers Keyboard shortcuts(F12 & Ctrl+F12) are assigned to Real-time Preview, but they're also listed on the Open in Browser submenu.
  • Real-time preview is not auto refreshed when a document is pushed to testing server manually.
  • Real-time preview fails to load if the document has related CSS/JS files with relative paths.


  • Live view does not render CSS Grid Layouts.
  • Cannot save or load search queries in Find and Replace dialog.
  • Cannot save search results report after performing Find All operation in a site.
  • [Win only] Cursor position in Code View and Design view are not in sync on high definition displays.

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