Known issues in Dreamweaver

Learn about the known issues and limitations in the latest release of Dreamweaver.

  • Empty dialog box appears instead of the below message when incorrect credential is provided within Configure RDS Server dialog box:

Unable to resolve host. The URL appears to be invalid.

  • In code view, the code color might not appear when the latest version of Dreamweaver is installed within updated Mac OSX 11 Big Sur.

Workaround: In the Preferences dialog, change the code view font available within Fonts tab.

  • [macOS] In live view, selected text is not wrapped in <a> tag after browsing the target page.
  • On downloading and inserting Ai files from Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries panel, SVG option is unavailable in file format options list.
  • In Code Inspector, context menu operations are applied on code view, when code view is visible.
  • [macOS 11.0] Close button to dismiss the Find and Replace dialog is not available.

Workaround: Press Esc key to dismiss the Find and Replace dialog.

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