Automatic perspective correction in Camera Raw

Using an incorrect lens, or camera shake can cause the perspective of photographs to be tilted or skewed. The perspective may be distorted, and is more evident in photographs containing continuous vertical lines or geometric shapes.

Adobe Camera Raw has four Upright modes that you can use to automatically fix perspective ─ Auto, Level, Vertical, Level, Full ─ and a Guided mode. After applying an Upright mode, you can adjust the image further by manually modifying the available slider-based transform settings.


Make sure that you apply any lens correction profiles available for your camera and lens combination before you apply one of the five Upright presets. Applying the lens correction profile prepares the image to be analyzed better for distortion correction.

Manually correcting lens distortion using Upright presets

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Open a camera raw file.
    • With an image open in Photoshop, click Filter > Camera Raw Filter.
  2. (Optional) In the Camera Raw dialog box, navigate to the Lens Corrections panel. In the Profile tab, select the Enable Lens Profile Corrections check box.


    Enabling Lens profile correction based on your camera and lens combination is highly recommended before processing the photo with the Upright presets.

  3. Navigate to the Transform panel. In this panel, five Upright modes are available. Click a mode to apply the correction to the photo.

    Auto Applies a balanced set of perspective corrections.

    Level Applies perspective correction to ensure that the image is level.

    Vertical Applies level and vertical perspective corrections.

    Full Applies level, vertical, and horizontal perspective corrections.

    Guided Allows you to draw two or more guides on your photo to customize perspective correction. To do so:

    1. Draw the guides directly on your photo to indicate the image features to be aligned with horizontal or vertical axis.
    2. Once you have drawn atleast two guides, the photo transforms interactively.


    Guided Upright in Camera Raw


    While trying out the five Upright modes, if you select or clear the Enable Lens Profile Correction checkbox (Lens Correction > Profile), click the Update link below the Upright preset buttons.

    Transform panel in Camera Raw
    Choose an Upright mode, and make further adjustments with the sliders

  4. Cycle through the Upright modes until you find the settings you like.


    All the five Upright modes correct and manage distortion and perspective errors. There is no recommended or preferable setting. The best setting varies from one photo to another. Experiment with the five Upright modes before deciding on the best possible Upright mode for your photo.

  5. In addition to the auto correction options, you can also manually adjust the perspective of a photo. Use the sliders to fine-tune the perspective corrections ─ Vertical, Horizontal, Rotate, Aspect, Scale, X Offset, Y Offset.

Sample images

Image with no correction (left), image with Auto correction (middle), and image with Level correction (right)

Image with no correction (left), image with Vertical correction (middle), and image with Full correction (right)

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