Japanese | Troubleshoot text layout issues

Versions affected

October 2017 release of Illustrator CC


In the October 2017 release of Illustrator CC, when you open a document created using earlier Illustrator versions and edit Japanese text with the None preset applied for Mojikumi and Kinsoku, you may face the following issues:

  • Although the text frame retains the properties of the None preset for Mojikumi and Kinsoku, the Paragraph panel in Illustrator displays the text frame properties that have these settings applied to GyomatsuYakumonoHankaku and Hard respectively.
  • When you edit, move, rotate, or scale the selected text or text frame, Illustrator reformats the text as per the default settings.


This issue has been fixed in Illustrator CC version 22.0.1. Upgrade to the latest release of Illustrator to resolve it.


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