Bugs fixed in ColdFusion 11 Update 12
Bug ID Description Component
4198403 Using AJP, if form POST data size exceeds a certain threshold, then Tomcat throws an error message HTTP Status 400 - err.io.short_read. Web container (Tomcat)
4198392 Inconsistent behavior in isValid method when validating regular expressions.  Runtime
4198390 The LSParseDateTime function unexpectedly shifts dates by one hour. Functions
4198339 A bar chart or horizontal bar chart using cfchart tag do not always display labels for all categories. The issue exists for both png and html formats. Charting/graphing
4198318 After migration from ColdFusion 10 to ColdFusion (2016 release), there are cfpresentation tag issues. Tags
4198314 An error is thrown when a var scope variable is implicitly declared. Functions
4198312 The isDate function incorrectly returns true when you pass a number as a parameter. For example, isDate(40675) returns true. Functions
4198270 An exception is thrown after updating the quartz.properties file to increase the clusterCheckinInterval. Scheduler
4198259 The cftextarea tag requests CKEditor/CKEditor.js instead of FCKEditor/FCKEditor.js. AJAX
4198253 The isDate function incorrectly returns true for strings like "0815" or "1337". Language
4198240 When creating a JavaScript proxy for a CFC using the CFAJAXPROXY tag, the generated <script> tags in the HTML source are placed at the bottom of the <head>. AJAX
4197798 Binding a cfgrid to a cfc throws JavaScript error when the cfc returns an empty dataset. AJAX
4197415 Formatting issues are seen when generating a PPT with HTML content using the cfpresentation tag. Document management
4197248 The cfgrid tag does not populate inside a cfwindow tag when called from a cfdiv tag. AJAX
4197126 The DateFormat function returns an invalid date or time string. Language
4195914 The GetComponentMetadata function incorrectly displays a parent component's full name when referencing the component using relative names. Runtime
4195407 When cfinput type="datefield", viewing source reveals an invalid HTML. CFForm
4190748 ColdFusion does not always return the same key-value pairs when you represent the keys using certain characters. Language
4185751 The cfspreadsheet tag throws a Null Pointer Exception when trying to get a single column, and the excel sheet contains empty rows containing some formatting at the end of the sheet. Document management
4185371 A Chinese character appears correctly in <cfchart>- xaxistitle, but appears incorrectly in <cfchartseries>- serieslabel Charting/graphing
4185354 The setting Enable Term Highlighting in ColdFusion Administrator only affects the standard requestHandler, not the dismax requestHandler, in solrconfig.xml. Text Search
4168447 After every ColdFusion update, Jetty ports for each instance are veing reset. Administrator
4151061 The updater in ColdFusion Administrator does not always pick up the manual updates.  Hot Fix Installer
4092393 A tool tip in cfchart inside an HTML page appears outside the chart, when the chart is placed inside bootstrap’s tab layout. Charting/graphing
4088018 In a lockdown environment, after uninstalling ColdFusion 11 Update 7, you need to manually restart the server. Hot Fix Installer
4078539 Calling a remote undefined method throws NPE. CFComponent
4007976 isValid("url") returns unexpected results when using % in the url path. Language
3991647 In cfchart, OutOfMemoryException is thrown when there is a dollar sign in seriesLabel value.  Charting/graphing
3935967 Solr suggestions do not always return keywords or keyword score. Text Search
3924581 isValid("url") returns unexpected results when using !, ( ), and, * in the url path. Language
3800237 Stacked bars appear incorrectly when produced using cfchart. Charting/graphing