When upgrading to ColdFusion 9 Standard (server configuration), the following error is thrown during the Import Settings step of the Migration Wizard:

    "Server Monitoring And API is not available in this edition of ColdFusion server."

When this error is thrown, the Import Settings step does not complete and the settings are not properly imported.


Steps to apply the fix:

  1. Download
  2. Make a backup of migrationcf8_import.cfm and migrationcf8_export.cfm in <cfwebroot>\CFIDE\administrator\setup\.
  3. Extract migrationcf8_import.cfm and migrationcf8_export.cfm from the file.
  4. Copy migrationcf8_import.cfm and migrationcf8_export.cfm to <cfwebroot>\CFIDE\administrator\setup\.
  5. Run the Migration Wizard.

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