Install Adobe Connect Edge Server

Read the article to know how to install Adobe Connect Edge Server.

To install the Adobe Connect Edge Server, follow the steps. Adobe Connect 8 Edge Server is compatible with Adobe Connect 9.x.

Run the installer

  1. Contact Adobe Connect Platinum maintenance and support for Edge Server installer. For the contact information, see
  2. Close all other applications and run the installer provided by Adobe.
  3. Select a language from the Select Setup Language dialog box. Click OK to continue.
  4. On the Setup screen, click Next to continue.

  5. On the License Agreement screen, read the agreement, select I Accept The Agreement, and click Next.
  6. Do one of the following:
    • Click Next to accept the default installation location (C:\Connect), or click Browse to select a different location, and then click Next.

    • If Adobe Connect Edge Server is already installed on this computer, the Update Existing Adobe Connect Edge Server Install screen appears. Click Next.

  7. On the Select Start Menu Folder screen do one of the following:
    • Click Next to accept the default location of the Start Menu shortcuts.

    • Click Browse to select a different location.

  8. In the Ready To Install dialog box, review the installation location and the Start Menu folder location. To review or change these settings, click Back or click Install.

  9. Click Finish to exit the Adobe Connect Edge Server installation.


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