Blank pages or missing images when you read digital content (Digital Editions)


A digital publication appears in the Adobe Digital Editions library, but pages or images are blank when you view the publication.


The page or image is in JPEG2000 format, which is not supported currently by Digital Editions.


Workaround: Use Acrobat Reader 7 to view digital publications with JPEG2000 images.

Note: This workaround requires using Reader 7 to re-download any purchased or borrowed books that you downloaded with Digital Editions.

  1. Select your operating system, OS version, and language. Click Continue.

    Note: If you are using Windows Vista, then select Windows XP (the XP version for Reader works with Vista).

  2. Select Adobe Reader 7.0.9.
  3. Select Download Adobe Reader.
  4. Follow the installation instructions.
  5. Start Reader 7 and re-download any books that you wish to read with Reader.