Adobe® Digital Editions 1.7.2 Release Notes

 Adobe Systems 2 February 2010

This document accompanies the release of Digital Editions 1.7.2. This release consists of one security fix and some additional bug fixes.

Features in this release:

1. A bug has been fixed that forced users on Vista and Windows 7 to have to turn off the User Agent Control (UAC) in order to be able to fulfill books.

2. A bug was fixed that would cause some printing tasks on the Mac to crash.

3. Support has been added for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and for Mac OSX 10.6 (32 and 64 bit).

4. A bug was fixed that could cause repetitive activations if a user switched between a work environment and home environment if such environments handled the case of login names differently.

5. Fixed a bug which could cause occasional crashes in Digital Editions if a ActiveSync enabled reading device was plugged in.

Known issues with this release:

1. Users cannot fulfill eBooks successfully using the Opera browser. Instead of passing the ACSM file to Digital Editions, Opera by default opens the file. This can be avoided by the following:

• Open Opera Preferences dialog

• In the Advanced tab, select “Downloads”

• Choose “Add…”

• Set the mimetype to application/vnd.adobe.adept+xml

• Set the file extension to acsm

• Press “OK” to close the dialog

Downloads should now work properly.

2. Portuguese support. Digital Editions 1.7 added support Brazilian Portuguese, not European Portuguese. The differences are not large, but Adobe is aware they are not the same. We will support both in a future release but in the current release we have mapped European Portuguese locales into Brazilian Portuguese so the correct language is displayed. However, there are some cases where the user may have to make minor settings at the OS level to get the right result.

On the Mac, for example, the user may need to do the following:

• Open the System Preference Dialog

• Select the International Preferences

• Click on the "Edit List" button

• Scroll to find 'Português (Brasil)' (see illustration below)

• Click on the checkbox next to it and select OK

• Use Drag & Drop to reorder the language list as desired.

If customers find other issues between the two variants of Portuguese, please let us know.

3. Safari has been designed to protect users from unsafe files and plugins. While files known by Safari to be safer are automatically opened, the acsm files that Digital Editions uses are not known by Safari, which will download the files but not launch them. To override this you must specifically tell Safari that acsm files are "safe" by creating/modifying your Mac’s file. For a discussion of this well known Safari issue see the following blog posts:


Users may encounter similar issues with other browsers, depending on their security settings.

4. Installing Digital Editions 1.7.2 on a Mac does NOT uninstall the old version. In order to uninstall the old version, you must uninstall manually. This is described in “Installing Digital Editions 1.7 on Mac OS does not uninstall Digital Editions 1.6” which can be found here.

5. Digital Editions does not at this time, support JPEG2000. It does support JPEG, GIF and PNG images. Support for JPEG2000 will be added in a subsequent release.

6. Sometimes, on Macintosh Intel computers, when the “End User License Agreement” (EULA) is presented to the user, it does not have the focus. The EULA is even sometimes hidden behind the browser. This latter behavior has also been reported occasionally for Vista. The only workaround is to manually bring the dialog to the front (if hidden) and click on the window of the dialog

7. Please note that as of 15 December 2009, Adobe shut down the activation server for Content Server 3 (the predecessor to today’s Content Server 4). In consequence, users who never migrated their old PDF eBooks (purchased prior to September 2008) can now never migrate them. Those books will continue to open and be readable on any machine they are presently on, but cannot be moved to a new machine (or the same machine if the hard disk is reformatted, for example).




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