This table indicates which analytics features are supported in each platform.

= supported

= not supported

= not fully implemented or partially supported

For a complete list of supported features, see DPS supported features list.

For information about analytics in DPS, see DPS analytics.

  iOS Android Windows Web Viewer
Lifecycle events1



App installation

App startup

App close

Issue purchase started

Issue purchase completed

Issue preview

Issue download started

Issues downloaded

Issue download recoverable error

Issue download failed

Issue download cancelled

Issue download tracking helper

Content view


Content browse

Ad view


Edit view


Content previews

Non-free content previews

Video start / Video stop

Video views

Video completes

Video segment views

Video time viewed

Audio start / Audio stop

Overlay start/Overlay stop



URL clicks

Social share

Push notification received

Push opt in

End of article reached

Issue download validation error

Content exit

Custom Event (1-10)

1 Lifecycle events include App Upgrade, Days since first use, Days since last use, hour launched, day launched, days since last upgrade, Total days used, Number of days since last launch.

2 Mobile events include Devices, Device Type, Device Name, Manufacturer, OS, OS Version, Carrier Name, Screen Size, Screen Height, and Screen Width.

3 Enabled in v32 release.

4 Overlay start/stop supported for video, audio, slideshows, buttons, hyperlinks, web content overlays, and scrollable frames.

5 Mobile events include Device Type, Manufacturer, OS, OS Version, Browser, Size, Screen Height, and Screen Width.

6 Overlay start/stop supported for audio, slideshows, and buttons.

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