Supported audio files you place in InDesign play when tapped in the DPS viewer. For playing audio in a DPS viewer on a device, use MP3 files. For Web Viewer Only folios, audio files with AAC/MP4 encoding are also supported.

You can set up an audio file to be played by letting users tap the view area or by creating separate buttons with Sound actions. To simulate a controller skin, you can create a simple effect that toggles between a play and pause button. Or, you can create a more advanced effect that displays audio progression.

You can specify a URL to stream audio files from an http: website. 

Best practices for audio files

  • You can set up an audio file to be played by letting users tap the view area or by creating separate buttons with the Audio action. The Play, Pause, and Stop options are supported. Resume and Stop All are not supported.
  • You can specify a URL to stream audio only from an http: website.
  • Audio clips stop playing when users move to a different article, but they keep playing when users move to a different page within the article. To stop the audio clip (or video) on page turn, a workaround is to auto-play a "dummy" media file. For details, see Johannes Henseler's article Stop a video when going to the next page of an article.

Creating Audio overlays

  1. Choose File > Place, and place the MP3 audio file in your document.

  2. Select the placed object, open the Media panel (Window > Interactive > Media), and specify a poster, if desired.

    You can also create a poster image simply by placing a non-interactive object (such as a transparent play button) on top of the audio object.

  3. Select the audio object and specify any of the following options in the Overlays/Folio Overlays panel.

    Folio Overlays tab

    URL or File

    Specify a URL to stream an audio clip, or click the folder and specify an audio file if you haven't already placed it using File > Place. When you specify a streaming URL, all options in the overlay are supported, including Auto Play and Controller Files.

    Streaming audio supports http URLs, not https.  

    If you both place an audio file and specify a streaming URL, the first action takes precedence. For example, if you specify a URL first and then place an audio clip, the overlay uses the URL, not the embedded audio.

    Audio Controller Files

    Click the folder icon, and specify the folder containing the play and pause buttons for audio files.

    To display a controller skin with Play and Pause buttons while the audio clip is playing, create a set of .png files in a folder. These images each must have either a _pause or _play suffix. You can create a single pair of _play and _pause buttons, or you can create multiple _play and _pause buttons that represent progressive states of a status bar.


    In this example, when your audio is played half way, the AudioAsset003_play.png button is displayed. When tapped to pause, the AudioAsset003_pause button is displayed.

    Show First Image Initially

    If this option is selected, the audio frame displays the first _play.png file in the specified audio controller assets folder, and the frame resizes appropriately.

    Auto Play

    Select this option to play the audio file when the page is loaded on the mobile device. You can also specify the number of seconds to delay. Auto Play is not supported for Android viewers.

    Play In Background Across Folio

    Select this option to play the audio file in the background while users browse through articles. Users can pause or resume the audio clip by tapping the audio icon in the top navigation bar. This feature is available only on the iPad or iPhone.

    For the earlier version of DPS, background audio stops whenever users exit the folio. For DPS 2015, background audio is not stopped or paused when users leave the app; instead, users use iOS system controls to pause the background audio.

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