If you specify filter names for each folio in the Folio Producer Organizer, the filter options appear in a drop-down menu in the viewer library.

For example, if you create different editions of the same folio for different languages, you can let your customers view folios only for one language and hide the folios for other languages. Or, you can create filters that display only the folios for a specific time period, such as “2011 Issues” and “2012 Issues.”

You can create only one level of filters. However, your customers can select multiple options in the drop-down list. For example, customers can display French and German folios and hide English and Spanish folios.

Filters are supported only on the iPad.

Digital Publishing Suite Tips
In this app, only the Basics and Info folios are displayed.

  1. Create folios using the v22 viewer version or later.

  2. In the Folio Producer Organizer, select the folio, and specify a filter name in the Library Filter text box.

    Make sure that you use the same filter names for folios that belong to a specific category. For example, if you specify “German” and “german” filters for different folios, these will appear as different options in the library.

  3. Use DPS App Builder to create a viewer. Test the filters in the library to make sure that they work as intended.

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