Anyone with a valid Adobe ID can sign in to the Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard ( and edit folios. The Adobe ID you use to sign in determines which features you can use.

DPS Dashboard
The DPS Dashboard displays different options and services depending on which account type is used to sign in.

Digital Publishing Suite subscription types

There are two Digital Publishing Suite edition types: Enterprise and Professional.


Users with a Professional account can use the authoring tools and the Dashboard tools and services to create an unlimited number of custom viewer apps.


Users with an Enterprise account have access to all the tools and services that a Professional is entitled to, plus the ability to customize the viewer UI, create custom entitlement servers, create in-house enterprise apps, and more.

Digital Publishing Suite roles

When you subscribe to the Digital Publishing Suite, an Adobe representative sets up a master account. You can then use the Account Administration tool to assign roles to different Adobe IDs.

Admin role

An Admin account is used to assign account types.

Application role

An Application tole ties published folios to a specific multi-folio custom viewer. For example, if a publisher creates magazines about outdoor sports, one Adobe ID should be created for each viewer app, such as “” and “”

Avoid using an individual’s name (such as “”) for the Application role unless you have an existing custom viewer tied to that individual’s Adobe ID.

DPS App Builder role

Use the DPS App Builder Adobe ID to sign in to the DPS App Builder and create custom viewer apps.

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