You can embed interactive overlays in either scrollable frames or slideshows (multi-state objects).


You can use a number of different methods to add overlays to a slideshow state. You can select a state and choose Paste Into. You can align the overlay with the multi-state object, select both, and then choose either paste the object into the selected state or create a new state. You can also group the overlay with other objects, align that group with yet more objects, and then create the multi-state object.

Scrollable frames

Create the interactive overlay, such as an image sequence or button. You can then either group the overlay object with other objects in the content frame or paste the overlay into text to create an anchored object. Then paste the content frame into the container frame and select Scrollable Frame settings in the Overlays panel.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial
<a href="">Nested Overlays Video</a>
Colin Fleming

Note the following guidelines:

  • You can add buttons to a scrollable frame that change states in a slideshow. When you paste the button into the content frame, the state-based button action is removed. Select the button again, and then re-create the action. If the button is hidden, use the Select Content and Select Next icons in the Control bar to select the object.

  • In order for a multi-state object to become an interactive slideshow, an action must trigger one or more of the states to change. Otherwise, only the current state is displayed in the viewer. To make the MSO a slideshow, you can select an option such as Auto Play in the Overlays panel. Or, you can create a button with an MSO state action. However, a button within a state does not make the MSO interactive. If you want to use only buttons within the MSO to change slides, create an invisible “dummy” button outside the MSO to make it interactive.

  • To create a hot spot effect, combine a button with a two-state multi-state object in which one state is blank. For example, tapping a button can trigger an image sequence or web content overlay.

  • For additional examples of embedded overlays, including nesting slideshows within slideshows, see "Advanced Overlays" in the DPS Learn app.

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