The Adobe Content Viewer offline extension for Chrome allows you to view DPS web viewer content offline in a Chrome browser.

Installing the Chrome extension

Follow these steps to download the Chrome extension.

  1. Click Free to download the extension, and then click Add.

    Downloading Adobe Content Viewer
    Download the extension in Chrome.

Downloading content and viewing it offline

After you install this extension in Chrome, a "Download Issue" button appears in the upper right corner when you view DPS web viewer content in a Chrome browser. The "Download Issue" button appears only if you're entitled to the content. Clicking the button downloads all the articles in the folio to which you are entitled.

  1. In Chrome, open a web viewer article.

  2. Click the "Download Issue" button.

    Click Download Issue

    Once the content is fully downloaded, clicking the DPS extension icon displays the extension's Library window, where a preview image of the content is displayed. Clicking on that preview image opens the content in the browser, even if you're offline.

  3. To view downloaded folios, click the DPS extension icon, and then click the folio you want to view.

    Click the folio you want to view
  4. Do any of the following:

    Delete content

    After clicking the extension icon to pop up its Library window, hover over the preview image associated with the content you'd like to delete. You will then notice an "X" that appears, which you can to delete the content. You can also click "Delete all Issues" in the Library window to delete all content.

    Link to online content

    When online, you may wish to link from the offline version of the content to the live online version of the content. To do this, hover over the preview image in the Library to display a hyperlink icon. Click the hyperlink icon to navigate to the live version of the content.

    Search for the content title

    In the Library window, start typing the title of the content already downloaded that you'd like to view. Only the titles that match your search criteria will be displayed.

Offline viewer limitations

Note the following limitations:

  • The content outside the iframe for embedded web viewers will not be displayed in offline mode.
  • HTML articles and Web Content overlays will not display external (remotely hosted) content in offline mode.
  • External links are not supported in offline mode.
  • Video and audio files that are hosted on external sites are not supported in offline mode.
  • Navto links that jump to other articles are not supported in offline mode.
  • A single article asset (such as a video file) is currently restricted to be no larger than 80 MB.

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