By default, the Android viewer displays the best folio rendition for the device. If you want more control over which folio appears on phones and tablets, you can enable advanced rendition support when using Web-based DPS App Builder to create the Android app.

Setting up renditions for native Android viewers

A recommended approach is to create one small rendition for Android phones and a larger rendition for Android tablets. For example, if you want to use the same sizes you used for an iOS app, you can create a 480x320 phone rendition and a 1024x768 tablet rendition. If you want to use a design that more closely matches the aspect ratio of Android devices, you can create 800x480 and 1280x800 renditions.

To create a set of renditions, use the same Folio Name, Publication Date, and Product ID values for each folio rendition. For details, see Creating folio renditions.

Configuring your app for advanced renditions

In Web-based DPS App Builder, the Adobe ID you use for the Application account determines which folio sizes are available to select. Make sure that you have at least one folio published.

If the "Configure Advanced Rendition Support" option in DPS App Builder is selected:

  • Only the folio sizes you select are available on that device type. For example, if you create a 480x320 folio and a 1024x768 folio and select only 480x320 for Smartphones, the 480x320 folios will appear on Android phones; 1024x768 folios will not.
  • If you select multiple folio sizes for a device type and set up renditions, the viewer will pick only the rendition that most closely matches the device dimensions.
  • If you don't select a folio for a device type, the app library will be empty. We recommend that you select at least one folio size for each device type. If you don't want to support the phone, for example, publish a special rendition that tells users that the app is not available on this device type.

To enable enhanced renditions, do the following:

  1. In Web-based DPS App Builder, select the "Configure Advanced Rendition Support" option to enable this feature.

    Configure Advanced Rendition Support
  2. Under "Tablet renditions," specify one or more folio sizes available in your Application account that will be used for tablets. You must publish at least one folio in order for items to appear in the pop-up menu.

  3. Under "Smartphone renditions," specify one or more folio sizes available in your Application account that will be used for phones.

After you build and submit the app, if you add a different folio size that you want to include in the app, you need to edit the app, include the new folio size, and resubmit the app.

For more information, see Building native DPS apps for Android.

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