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You can turn on the Smooth Scrolling option for individual articles. Smooth scrolling (not to be confused with scrollable frames) is useful for long, single-page layouts such as a table of contents. If smooth scrolling is turned on, create your design accordingly. For example, for the iPad, you can create landscape and portrait documents that are 1024x2000 and 768x2000, respectively.

A document with multiple pages cannot be used for a Smooth Scrolling article. If you create Smooth Scrolling articles using the PDF image format, pinch and zoom is not enabled.

In InDesign, use the New Document or Document Setup dialog box to specify the page size.

Page-by-page scrolling and smooth scrolling
Page-by-page scrolling and smooth scrolling

A. Horizontal page-by-page scrolling B. Horizontal smooth scrolling C. Vertical page-by-page scrolling D. Vertical smooth scrolling 

To create a Smooth Scrolling article, do either of the following:

  1. Create a one-page document with the appropriate dimensions, such as 1024x2000 for a landscape document or 768x2000 for a portrait document.

  2. In article view of the Folio Builder panel, click Add to create an article.

  3. In the New Article dialog box, specify the following options:

    Smooth Scrolling

    Select Horizontal Only if the article will contain only a landscape layout with Smooth Scrolling. This option is useful for an article in a horizontal-only folio or an article in which the landscape version is Smooth Scrolling and the portrait version is off (snap to page). Select Both Directions for dual-orientation folios in which both layouts are smooth scrolling.

    Portrait Layout/Landscape Layout (InDesign CS6)

    Specify the layout to be used for the article—especially useful if you created alternate layouts. If your portrait and landscape layouts are in separate documents, choose the appropriate layout for one option and None for the other. Then, open the other document and add it as the second layout.

    Portrait/Landscape (InDesign CS5/CS5.5)

    Specify the orientation of the document. For example, for a 768x2000 document, select Portrait. For a 1024x2000 document, select Landscape.

  4. Click OK.

  5. In a dual-orientation folio, add the second layout to the article.

Additional Information

You can also create a smooth scrolling article by importing it. Create _h and _v source files and use the Import Article option. See Import InDesign articles.

Smooth scrolling works only vertically at this time. To scroll an article horizontally, you can create a scrollable frame. See Scrollable frame overlays.

To adjust the size of the smooth scrolling page, use the Page tool to select the page, and then adjust the page’s height.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial
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