In-app subscription options are available on iOS. When you build an app, you have a variety of subscription options available, including Apple’s subscription model (Professional and Enterprise), a custom entitlement server (Enterprise only), or a combination of the two.

Apple subscriptions

When users subscribe to your app through an iOS subscription, they are entitled to all folios in which the Publication Date falls between the start date and end date. They’re also entitled to the most recently published folio when they first subscribe. For example, if a user signs up for a six-month subscription on November 10, the start date is November 10 and the end date is May 10. After subscribing, the user can download the most recently published folio as well as any folio in which the Publication Date is between Nov. 10 and May 10. If users don’t renew the subscription, they are still entitled to those six months of content.

As a best practice, you should use the Folio Producer Organizer to manage your Publication Date settings for your folios. If you publish a quarterly magazine, use consistent publication date settings, such as January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, even if you actually publish those folios on different dates. As long as you continue publishing consistently, your subscribers will be entitled to the appropriate amount to content.

For information on setting up subscriptions and entitlement for custom iPad viewer apps, obtain the iPad Publishing Companion Guide PDF

Custom entitlement servers

For information on setting up a custom entitlement server to control subscriptions through your own site, contact your Adobe representative. Developer content is also available in the Entitlement section of the Digital Publishing Suite Developer Center.

Restricted distribution

Restricted distribution is the method to make content available only to a small group of readers based on their user profiles or credentials. By default, a limited set of folios are presented to the user. Only after the user has signed into the app will additional folios be shown. The list of selected folios to be shown is based on the user’s sign-in credentials. For details about restricted distribution, see Using Restricted Distribution with Digital Publishing Suite.

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