Assign App Builder and application roles in DPS Professional or Enterprise accounts

This document is for customers who have one of the following subscriptions/contracts:

  • Digital Publishing Suite - Enterprise Edition
  • Digital Publishing Suite - Professional Edition (yearly or monthly)
  1. Sign in to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard. Use your Master account ID (Adobe ID that you used to purchase DPS), or any ID that already has an 'Admin' role assigned in your DPS account.

  2. Locate Account Administration on the left side of the page and click Account Administration.

  3. If the Account Administration option is grayed out, the account you used to sign in does not have Administrator privileges. If you sign in using your primary account ID and don’t have access to the Account Administration tool, contact your account adminisitrator. They can assign an Admin Role to you, or do this task for you.

  4. In the Account Administration panel, click Add New Users. In the New Users dialog box, do either of the following:

    • For an existing Adobe ID that has not yet been verified to work with DPS, specify the Adobe ID of the user you want to modify, and click Submit. If the Adobe ID has been verified to work with DPS, it cannot be added.
    • To create a new Adobe ID, first create a valid email account, but don’t sign in to any DPS service. Click Create A New Adobe ID, specify the information, and click Create Account. A message is sent to the email account. Click the link in this message to specify a password and verify the account.
  5. In the Account Administration panel, select the user, and click Configure User.

  6. Under Add Roles, specify the role type— DPS App Builder Accounts,Application Accounts, or Account Administrator—that you want to assign to the account. Click Enable, and fill out the necessary information.

  7. Once you enable the desired role, click Submit to enable the desired role on the ID.

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