When you view Content View reports in the Digital Publishing Suite Analytics services, some articles appear with the article name ::unspecified::. In the new DPS Analytics dashboard, Ads that don't have Article Title won't show any results (neither unspecified or none). For instance, if you select Ad Views from the left navigation, the results will be blank for those Ads that don't have the Article Title. When you view the same data in SiteCatalyst, the article names appear as none

Solution 1: Enter Title meta data for each article.

This issue can occur if you don't provide a value in the Article Title field of the Article Properties in the Folio Builder panel or the Folio Producer. To solve this situation, open your folios in the Folio Producer. Then, review the articles to ensure that each has a value in the Article Title field. You can do the data entry most quickly by viewing the articles in the list mode in the Folio Producer (see figure 1). Once completed, update any previously published articles with the option "Update Contents" enabled.

Data already submitted with no article title meta data continues to appear as ::unspecified:: or none in the Analytics service and SiteCatalyst.

Article Title

Solution 2: Ignore ::unspecified:: values in Content View reports.

If all articles have article title metadata, the issue is the result of Ad Views being included in the Content View reports. Currently, any time an article marked as an Ad is viewed, it triggers both an Ad View and a Content View event. For the Ad View event, a property is passed in that includes the Article Title. For the Content View event, the value that specifies the Article Title is not included.

You can subtract the ::unspecified:: or none results from your Content View report and consider it a report of all non-Ad flagged articles. All Ad articles are being correctly reported in the Ad View reports.

Additional Information

Adobe hopes to address the issue described in Solution 2 in a future version of the product.

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