When you launch a viewer application created with the Adobe Digital Publishing suite, the library update fails and returns the following error:

"Cannot Update Library An error has occurred."

Viewer doesn't display any folios. This error also occurs when you launch the Adobe Content Viewer on a device.


If you are using duplicate Product IDs for renditions, update the folio names so that they are identical. They are case sensitive.

  1. In the Folio Producer, edit the folio name for the affected folios so that it matches the name of other renditions.
  2. With that folio selected, click the update button.
  3. Make sure that Update Contents option is selected, then click Update.
    Note: The Update Contents option is required to update meta data changes.
  4. Repeat as necessary for other folios.

If you accidentally used duplicate Product IDs for nonrenditions, change them so that they are unique.

  1. In the Folio Producer, select the affected folios and click the Update button.
  2. Edit the Product ID so that it is unique.
  3. Deselect the Update Contents option, then click Update.
  4. Repeat as necessary for other folios.
  5. If the Product IDs are assigned to Retail folios, update the Product IDs for any in-app purchases in device OS developer accounts. It's necessary that they match what is defined in the Folio Producer. See the OS developer Help materials for more information.

Additional information

Duplicate Product IDs are only allowed for use with renditions. If you have multiple renditions (target dimensions) of a folio, the folio name must be the same. Make sure that they case and the product IDs are the same. For folios that aren't meant to be renditions, correctly having unique folio names, they must also have unique Product IDs.

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