While you are logged in to the Adobe Content Viewer application on a tablet device, attempts to download large unpublished folios fail. (Unpublished folios have a blue banner in upper-left corner.) Sometimes, an error occurs, such as the following:

"Cannot connect to server at this time. Please try again later." or "Error during download. Please resume your download later." or "Error during download. Could not download a file."


Solution 1: Update to Adobe Content Viewer 1.9.1 or later

The update, which contains changes specifically to address this issue, can now be found in the Apple App Store:

With this update in place, it's unlikely that you would need any of the remaining solutions, but they are documented here for thoroughness

Solution 2: Publish your folio as Private And Free

Note: This option is only available to registered owners of the Digital Publishing Suite.

  1. Log in to the Digital Publishing Suite dashboard.
  2. Click the Folio Producer link.
  3. Select the folio in question.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Set the status to Private And Free.

    Note: The folio only appears when viewing in the Adobe Content Viewer while logged in with the Adobe ID used to publish the folio. The folio isn't seen in custom Viewer applications by your application customers.
  6. Enter your Product ID.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Log in to the Adobe Content Viewer and download the instance of the folio that does NOT have the blue banner in the upper-left corner.

Solution 3: Set larger articles to lower priority than others

  1. Log into the Digital Publishing Suite dashboard:
  2. Click on Folio Producer.
  3. Select the folio and click Open.
  4. Click on the list View button to change the view of the articles.
  5. Change the Download Priority for articles that don’t contain videos to High.
  6. Login to the Adobe Content Viewer on your device.
  7. Tap the Download link next to the folio in the Library view.
  8. Once the content begins to download, tap the View button.
  9. Tap the screen once to bring up the navigation system.
  10. Tap the Article View icon on the far right of the upper menu bar.
  11. Observe the download status of the articles, and return to the library view after they have all completed.

Solution 4: Minimize your folio content

You can use many methods to minimize folio content. One of the most obvious is to remove embedded videos and have them served through web content overlays instead. Any method that helps to reduce the folio down to something below 100 MB is beneficial. 

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