Problems accessing DPS servers

Unable to log in to DPS servers

Attempts to log in to Folio Builder panel, access Digital Publishing Suite dashboard, or publish from Woodwing Content Station fail. Your computer has a proxy server, firewall, or some other device or that software controls Internet access from the LAN.

Accessing the DPS web portal is usually reliable because of the universal proxy configuration options for all major web browsers. Your IT department can easily solve any issues with those connections.

The Folio Builder Panel, and possibly other third-party applications that use the Folio Producer API to talk to the DPS Publishing Service, does not have a mechanism to enter proxy configuration settings. The panel cannot communicate with DPS cloud-based services unless there is clear connectivity between the workstations InDesign is running on. Also, it's necessary that they can communicate with the servers listed in InDesign and the Folio Builder Panel.

White-list servers that you use for Adobe DPS functionality

IT departments can white-list the servers involved in providing the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite functionality. Then, communications with the servers are unimpeded and don't require user authentication. Below are the servers and ports that the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite's components use.

These domains use dynamic IP address configurations. So white-listing based on IP addresses gained from a DNS query at one point in time is not reliable. IP addresses for these DNS entries are eliminated and added at any time based on Amazon's Web Services's (AWS) fail-safe methods, and expandable server capabilities.

InDesign and the Folio Builder Panel


DPS Dashboard


DPS App Builder


DPS Tablet apps (including Adobe Content Viewer)


DPS Web Viewer


Additional information

The Woodwing Content Station also communicates direct with this server:


Tablet applications that use third-party markets for in-app-purchases, or publisher direct entitlement, require a network connection that allows access to those systems.

Run the Apple Application Loader, required to submit app binaries for distribution through the Apple app store, on a workstation that allows outbound communications on these ports:

  • tcp/44001
  • udp/44001-44100
  • udp/33001-33100


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