When you try to preview a folio from the InDesign (Windows) or File (Mac OS) menus, a blank panel titled Folio Preview appears. Or, if you open the preview of a folio or article from the Folio Builder panel, the following error appears:

"An error has occurred while generating folio preview. [Error #3016]"


Run the "AdobeContentViewer.air" installer found in the following location:

Mac OS: /Applications/Adobe

Windows: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Adobe

Note: If you do not see that file there, you can download the latest Folio Producer component updater from the following locations. To avoid this issue, click Yes when prompted to install or update the Content Viewer.

Mac OS: CS5.5:

Windows: CS5.5:

Additional information

If you are prompted to download the AIR runtime installer, do so.

If you continue to have problems, delete any previously installed prerelease versions of the Desktop Adobe Content Viewer. Then run the latest Folio Producer component update mentioned above, and click Yes to install the Adobe Content Viewer.

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