When you try to preview Overlays, Articles, or Folios, the error "Invalid asset location" appears. The error also appears when you try to add an Article or Layout in the Folio Builder Panel.

For example:

Invalid asset location error       Invalid Asset Location FB Panel

Solution 1: Web Overlays

Remove the forward slash on the end of any URLs specified for Web Content Overlays. For example:



Solution 2: Panorama and Image sequence Overlays

Confirm that all Image Sequence and Panorama Overlays have valid folder paths specified. If a folder path is invalid, it has an alert icon next to it, as follows:

Invalid folder Image Sequence   Invalid folder Panorama

Additional information

To locate the page item that contains the problematic content, use the isolation method described in Error 'Content generation error (SourceFilesNotFound) (cpsid_91922).

Adobe hopes to improve error handling to make detection of these error states more obvious, and improve URL handling to reduce incidents of such failures. 


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