When you try to access Analytics data from the Digital Publishing Suite web portal, you receive the following error:

"Error retrieving report from Omniture Server." 

The Adobe ID that you're using is provisioned as a production account.


Make sure that the Adobe ID you using is the one you used when you created your custom viewer application in the Adobe Viewer Builder AIR application. Next, check the Build Details section of your application.

Build Details

If any of the Omniture data fields are blank, then your account is not correctly configured. Contact Adobe Technical Support using the information on your Gold Maintenance and Subscription welcome letter.

If the fields are all filled, and you're publishing your folios using the correct ID, then it's possible that no analytics data have been gathered. To test, load the test build of your Viewer to a device, and download some published content from the fulfillment server. Omniture now has some data to act upon and confirm that the service is configured correctly.

Additional information

The Analytics service provides this generic error if no data exists in the report. However, it also returns this error if the Omniture data is not correctly associated with your account on the server side.

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