A) When you click Create A New Adobe ID in the Add Users dialog box of the DPS Account Administration page, you receive the following error:

"The Adobe ID you entered already exists. Please try again."

Exising Adobe ID

B) Or, when you try to add an existing Adobe ID in the same dialog box, it returns the following error:

"The email address you entered is already a Digital Publishing user. Please choose a different Adobe ID or create a new Adobe ID for the user."

Enter Adobe ID in existing DPS Account


A) Enter the email address associated with the Adobe ID you want to add in the text field to the left of Submit. See the image above.

B) If you receive an error using the method above, use a new Adobe ID. Make sure that the ID has never logged been used in to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite web tools or Folio Builder panel.

Additional information

If an Adobe ID has already been used to log in to the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite system, it is defined as a master account. A master account cannot be added as a delegate in the Account Administration tool. Adobe expects to introduce this functionality in a later release.


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