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Adobe set a limit of 1,000 for the number of folios in an account and a limit of 1,200 for the number of articles in a folio. Accounts that have more than 1,000 folios on the Folio Producer Service can cause performance problems. If your account includes 600 or more folios uploaded to Folio Producer, you should receive a warning to let you know that you are approaching the maximum number of folios in an account.

If you need to display more than 1,000 folios in an app, there is a workaround that involves sharing folios from a sub account to the main account and publishing the shared folios.

You cannot include more than 1,200 articles in a folio. There is no workaround.

Using sub accounts to display more than 1,000 folios in an app

The limit of 1,000 folios in an account applies only to the Folio Producer Server. It doesn't apply to the Adobe Distribution Service where published folios are stored. To avoid including 1,000 or more folios in the same account on Folio Producer, create a separate account. Then, share the folios from the new account to the application account, and publish them. Finally, unshare the folios.

  1. Create a delegate account that can act as a feeder to the existing application account. This sub account does not need to have an Application role assigned to it. Only the main account requires an Application role.

  2. Create folios in the new sub account.

  3. Sign in to the new account in Folio Producer. Use the Share command to share the folios from the sub account to the main application account.

  4. Sign in to Folio Producer using the main application account, and publish the shared folios.

    With the v31 release, it is no longer necessary to copy the shared folio before publishing it. You can publish the shared folio directly.

    The published folios are uploaded to the Adobe Distribution Service for use in the application account.

  5. After you publish the shared folios, unshare them using either of these methods:

    Unshare from sub account

    From the sub account, select the folio and unshare it with the publisher account. The folio is removed from the publisher account list of folios in the Folio Producer as well as in the Folio Builder panel. The publisher account still publishes the content.

    Unshare from the publisher account

    From the publisher account with which the folio is shared, select the folio in Folio Producer or the Folio Builder panel, then click the trash icon. Rather than deleting the folio, “trashing” the folio unshares it from the publisher account and removes it from the list of folios.  It is still published, and you can still update the folio content in the sub account that created it.

Update a published unshared folio

If you shared a folio from a sub account, published it, and then unshared it, you can update the folio by editing it and then sharing it again. When the updated folio is shared, the Folio Producer displays an Update button, allowing you to update the existing published folio in the Adobe Distribution Service.

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