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When you try to log in to the Adobe Viewer Builder application, you receive the following error:

"This version of Viewer Builder has expired. Please remove your existing version and download the latest release from https://digitalpublishing.acrobat.com."


  1. Quit the Viewer Builder.
  2. Locate the Viewer Builder.app file. By default, this file is installed in /Applications.
  3. Delete the Viewer Builder.app file.
  4. Restart your web browser and login to the DPS dashboard: https://digitalpublishing.acrobat.com
  5. Click the Viewer Builder link.
  6. Note the name of the file being downloaded. If it does not appear to be the most recent version you expect to have available, clear your browser cache, and try again.
  7. Save the file to a known location.
  8. If the DMG doesn't automatically mount, locate the file and double-click it.
  9. Double-click the Install Viewer Builder.app file and follow the installation instructions.

Additional information

The latest version of the Viewer Builder application is required to be in sync with the Viewer Builder server. Therefore, older versions don't allow users to log in.

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