Missing AEM package

On-device preview of unpublished AEM content using Adobe Content Viewer is supported only on AEM 5.6.1.

For AEM 5.6.1 customers

At this time, only AEM 5.6.1 customers can preview AEM content in Adobe Content Viewer.

While using AEM 5.6.1, you could see this error message “Missing Feature Pack: You are required to install a Feature Pack before you can sign in and view AEM content on this device." This error message indicates that you have not installed the required feature pack on the computer where the AEM 5.6.1 instance is running.

Make sure that you are running feature pack 4558, which is found in the Feature Share area of AEM. Contact your AEM administrator to download and install this Feature Pack.  

For AEM 6.0 customers

If you are using AEM 6.0, a Feature Pack that supports this type of previewing should be available on November 3, 2014.

Previewing AEM content

For information about previewing AEM content without uploading it to Folio Producer, see Preview AEM content.


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