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Scrollable frame overlays don't appear in the viewer when nested inside an MSO (Multi-State Object), also known as a Slideshow overlay type. This issue is unique to content authored with the v18 Folio Producer Tools and v18 viewers.


Remove the angle brackets from the frame's name in the layers panel. Do the following for each frame affected:

  1. Using the Direct Selection tool, select the affected frame in the layout.
  2. Open the Layers panel and expand the layers to expose the name of the selected object (see figure 1).
  3. Rename the container frame for the scrollable content to eliminate the angle brackets (see figure 2).

figure 1

Selected scrollable content

figure 2

Renamed Container Frame

Additional information

Adobe hopes to address this issue in a future release. 

You can find a more detailed explanation of this problem and solution in this post on James Lockman's blog.

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