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Announcement: Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) Will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. More details are available here.

These tutorials show how to convert InDesign documents to a digital format that can be read on mobile devices such as the iPad.

To step through these tutorials, you need InDesign CS6 or later with updated versions of the DPS Desktop Tools. 

In Windows, make sure that you extract the .zip file—don't just open it.


Download tutorial source files


Obtain a verified Adobe ID

It's a good idea to have an Adobe ID that's verified to work with DPS. That way, you can upload articles and folios and download them to your mobile devices for testing. You can also use a verified Adobe ID to take advantage of additional DPS services.

There are two main types of Adobe IDs that work with DPS: an individual ID for testing and a delegate ID used for working on DPS as a member of a team.

Creating an individual Adobe ID

Use any valid email address to sign in to the DPS Dashboard at https://digitalpublishing.acrobat.com. Follow the prompts to verify the account.

Obtaining a delegate Adobe ID

If you're working for an organization that has a DPS license, an account administrator is responsible for creating delegate accounts that work with DPS. Contact your account administrator for details.

For working on these tutorials, we recommend that you use an individual Adobe ID.

For additional information, see Using Adobe IDs for DPS.

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