Top issues | Adobe Captivate 5.5, Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5

This document contains known issues and troubleshooting tips not covered in Adobe Captivate documentation. For the most latest list of top issues in Adobe Captivate, see the Adobe Captivate blog page.


If you observe issues other than the ones documented here, post a query on the Adobe Captivate forum. The experts from the community or the Adobe team will respond to your queries.


  • Adobe eLearning Suite cannot be installed successfully on paths containing upper ASCII or multi-byte characters. 
  • After installation, Adobe eLearning Suite crash sometimes if the install paths contain ';' or '%' characters.


  • When you quickly scroll the Timeline of a long FMR slide (five minutes), the Timeline scale disappears and you cannot position the playhead. 

Workaround: Hold down the scroll and move it slowly. If the scroll has disappeared, resize the project (negligibly) to bring it back in the Timeline.

  • When the available hard disk space is insufficient, Adobe Captivate displays an error message. If you continue to work on your project without freeing disk space, your project could become corrupted. It's the project is corrupted, it's likely that you can't open it. 

Microsoft PowerPoint import and round-tripping

  • When you import an MS PPT 2010 into Adobe Captivate, the narration audio in the PPT isn't imported. Although the audio is available when a SWF file is generated, it doesn't appear as slide audio in the Adobe Captivate project. Therefore, you cannot edit the slide audio in Adobe Captivate.
  • You cannot import password-protected MS PPT2007 or MS PPT 2010 projects into Adobe Captivate although you provide valid passwords while importing. An Adobe Presenter error appears even if you have not installed Adobe Presenter.
  • MS PPT 2010 crashes and Adobe Captivate becomes unresponsive if you try to trim audio or video in the PPT from within Adobe Captivate. (You trim the video in the PPT by right-clicking the PPT-based slide and choosing Edit With PowerPoint > Edit Presentation.) 


  • At runtime, Adobe Captivate doesn't display the values of variables with names containing double-byte characters.


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