What's new in Elements Organizer 2019

  1. Elements Organizer User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. What is Elements Organizer?
    2. What's new in Elements Organizer
    3. System requirements | Elements Organizer
    4. Workspace basics
    5. Importing media in bulk
    6. Using Elements Organizer and Adobe Premiere Elements together
    7. What's new in Elements Organizer 2019
  3. Workspace and workflow
    1. Workspace basics
    2. View and share auto-created collages, slideshows, and more
    3. Use Media view to manage photos and videos
    4. Keys for editing photos
    5. Keys for finding photos
    6. Keys for viewing photos
    7. Using Elements Organizer and Adobe Premiere Elements together
    8. Selecting country or region
  4. Importing media files
    1. Importing media from cameras and card readers
    2. Importing media in bulk
    3. Importing media from iPhoto library (Mac OS only)
    4. Importing photos from scanners (Windows only)
    5. Importing media from files and folders
  5. Viewing and fixing media files
    1. Use Media view to manage photos and videos
    2. View video and full-screen images
    3. Grouping photos in version sets
    4. Fixing photos in Elements Organizer
    5. Fixing photos and videos using other applications
    6. Auto-curate your best photos
  6. Marking places, faces, and events
    1. Adding and managing place (location) data
    2. Marking faces and organizing media in People view
    3. Adding and managing event data
    4. Creating event stacks using Smart Events
  7. Managing catalogs, folders, and albums
    1. Creating albums and album categories
    2. Editing albums and album categories
    3. Create and edit catalogs in Elements Organizer
    4. Back up or restore catalogs | Elements Organizer 2018
    5. Tag your media
    6. Using Smart Tags
    7. Creating and editing Saved Searches
    8. Back up or restore catalogs | Elements Organizer 15 and earlier versions
    9. Troubleshooting catalog issues
  8. Searching photos and videos
    1. Using Enhanced Search
    2. Using the Find menu
    3. Finding media files by keyword tags
    4. Search options to find media
    5. Searching for media files
    6. Finding media files using Timeline
  9. Creating photo projects
    1. Elements Organizer projects overview
    2. Slideshows
    3. Creating photo calendar
    4. Creating slide shows (Windows only) | Elements 12
  10. Creating video projects
    1. Create instant movies and video stories
    2. Viewing video projects
  11. Printing, sharing, and exporting
    1. Printing photos
    2. Sending photos and media files by email
    3. Email photos as PDF file
    4. Share videos
    5. Export photos
    6. Share photos using online services
    7. Set e-mail preferences

Elements Organizer 2019 offers exciting new features such as Auto Creation and powerful performance improvements.

You can now receive auto-generated creations of your memorable events such as birthdays, Christmas, or graduation. These are called Auto Creations and can range across slideshows, photo collages, video collages, and more.

Experience a smoother and faster launch of Elements Organizer, easily scroll through a large catalog of images and videos, and work faster than before.


Auto Creations

Powered by Adobe Sensei - amazing slideshows and collages are created automatically!

Upon launch, auto-generated photo and video collages and slideshows are created just for you on the Home screen. You can effortlessly view, open, edit, save, and instantly share your Auto Creations on your favorite social media sites.

Elements Organizer offers Auto Creations that highlight memorable events like birthdays and vacations. Auto Creations are powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology and can range across photo collages, slideshows, video collages, and Candid Moments.

To know more, see View and share auto-created photo collages, slideshows, and more.


Video creations such as Candid Moments and video collages are not supported in the Windows Application Store version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

HEVC and HEIF files support

In macOS 10.13 and later, you can now import HEVC and HEIF files!

Elements Organizer now supports the import of photos and videos with the following codecs:

  • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) for videos
  • High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) for images

iOS devices running on iOS 11 or higher versions capture video and image files with these codecs.

Hardware-accelerated HEVC decoding is supported on MacBook Pro and iMac Pro machines with macOS 10.13. Hardware decode acceleration is automatically selected as the default option on Mac if the hardware supports it.

For the complete list of supported video file formats, see Supported file formats.


HEVC files are not supported in the Windows Application Store version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Performance enhancements

Working with Elements Organizer is now easier and faster than before!

The following performance improvements are implemented in Elements Organizer 2019:

  • Launching: Witness a faster launch performance from the Elements Home screen. Elements Organizer gets up and running faster than the previous versions.
  • Single image view scrolling: Experience smoother scrolling and view image and video thumbnails faster, even with large catalogs.
  • Marking faces in People view: Mark faces in photos in People view faster than before, even with large catalogs.

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