Work with Project Shortcuts

Learn about project shortcuts, and how to work with them in Premiere Pro.

Work with Project Shortcuts


From Premiere Pro 14.1 onwards, Shared Projects have been renamed as Project Shortcuts. If you have shared projects from older versions of Premiere Pro, continue to work with them using Project Shortcuts. If you are collaborating on new projects with others, consider trying the Production workflow.

Project Shortcuts are quick links to open other projects. You can import projects as project shortcuts.  

Import projects as project shortcuts

  1. Click File > Import and select the project (.prproj) file that you want to import.

  2. In the Import Project dialog box, select Import as Project Shortcut and click OK.

    Import a project as a project shortcut
    Import a project as a project shortcut

    The project is imported and can be seen in the Project panel appearing with a link  icon indicating that it is a link to the project.

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