Use your touch-enabled devices to comp your layouts anytime, anywhere. With the Touch Workspace, you can create your layouts using hand gestures that InDesign converts into graphics. The Touch Workspace is supported on all Microsoft Windows touch-enabled devices. Besides tablets, this also includes touch-enabled desktops or laptop computers. Use the intuitive touch gestures to draw shapes, add text, or image placeholders. You can also choose to add creative assets from the Creative Cloud Libraries to your comped layout.


Use the new Touch workspace to comp layouts in a jiffy with simple gestures! Here's a quick tutorial: Comp layouts in a touch environment.

Switching to the Touch Workspace

To switch to the Touch workspace, go to Window > Workspace Touch, or tap the Touch Workspace icon in the upper right corner of your current InDesign workspace.

If you detatch the keyboard from your touch-enabled device, InDesign immediately detects this change and switches the current workspace to the Touch Workspace. If you then attach the keyboard back into your device, InDesign switches back to the last workspace that you were working in.

Note: Go to InDesign preferences to switch off or switch on this keyboard behavior.

Touch Workspace tools

The Touch Workspace does not include all the tools that come with InDesign. You can, however, open documents that contain objects that cannot be created in this workspace. Such objects will still display with full fidelity but you will not be able to edit them. Use any of the following tools to start creating your layouts:

Drawing: This tools is available only in the Touch Workspace. Use the Drawing Tool to start comping your layout with gestures. See Drawing with gestures.

Type: Use the Type Tool to include text frames in your layout. Text frames can be moved, resized, and changed. For more information, see Text frames.

Frame: Include graphics in your layout using the Frame Tool. You can modify a graphic by changing its relationship to its frame. For more information, see Frames and objects.

Shape: Use the Shape Tool to include shapes in your layout. You can choose from the Rectangle, Ellipse, and Polygon tools. For more information, see Drawing with shapes.

Drawing with gestures

To use gestures for comping your layout:

  1. Create a new document and select the Drawing Tool, if not already selected.

  2. Use one of the 16 gestures to create InDesign elements for your layout. See the following image for gestures that you can use:

    Click the Help icon in the top right corner of your workspace, to view help on the gestures.

  3. Enhance your components by resizing it or modifying the colors and styles, using the panels available on the right of your workspace. You can also choose to add your creative assets from a Creative Cloud Library.

Enhance your components

The Touch Workspace also provides you panels to enhance the elements of your layout. You can change properties like color, opacity, and alignment, among others. Select an element and open the appropriate panel on the right.





CC Libraries

Align and Distribute

Context Menu


You can switch to other InDesign workspaces to further enhance or complete your Comps and Mocks.