Use this document for a list of bug fixes in the 13.0.1 and 13.0 releases of Premiere Pro.

Bugs fixed in November 2018 (version 13.0.1) release

  • Occasional crashes in CC Library (Windows only)
  • Compatibility issues AVI codecs: erroneous warning message on launching Premiere Pro; Crash on launch when loading ExporterAVI.prm
  • Issues with importing Blackmagic Video Assist & Hyper Deck ProRes files 
  • Issue with dragging to adjust text and graphics on video image when Display Setting is set to something other than 100% (Windows only)
  • Keying issue with ProRes444 and Alpha channel
  • Issue with exporting certain Sony files as JPEG2000 MXF op1 file
  • Incorrect fonts appearing in Motion Graphics Templates created in After Effects 15.0 and 15.1.
  • Issue with Motion Graphic Templates with font controls not rendering correctly after the font is changed.

Bugs fixed in October 2018 (version 13.0) release


  • Intel Coffee Lake CPU - crash when importing/opening a previously created project while NVIDIA driver is enabled.
  • Crash can occur when going backwards in Learn panel.
  • Crash when switching to Thumbnail view with PNG files.
  • Multiple unexpected recovery clips are created when working with multiple open projects.
  • Import reference file for some audio (for example: AIFF, MOV) results in low-level exception in ImporterMPEG.
  • The process of importing multiple AVCHD files can take a long time on Mac OS.
  • Crash when switching between Workspaces viewing Waveform Luma & RGB Alignment in Lumetri Scope.
  • Crash can occur on laptop with discrete GPU running Windows 10.
  • Crash when quitting if "Manage My Account' link is open in that session.
  • Several redrawing errors, crash, and blank screen while changing workspaces using the top Workspace bar.
  • Crash when importing XDCAM files from Nexio/Harris Velocity.
  • Crash when using "Reveal Project in Project Panel" with a few specific projects.
  • Reverse nested sequence causes program monitor to display black.
  • Files generated by YI camera result in low-level exceptions or application stops responding.
  • Duplicating sequences wipes out effect data.
  • After adding a motion effect to clip on timeline, playback will freeze.
  • Crash occurs when match framing or slip/slide of clips in multicam sequence.
  • Placing growing MXF file from Abekas into sequence causes Premiere Pro to crash.
  • Hang when rendering some timelines.
  • MP4 material can cause video playback to freeze and the application to stop responding.
  • Application hangs when importing 100 or more files, resulting in force quit.
  • Importing fcp xml into large project results in a freeze.
  • Hang while importing specific GoPro files.


  • Improved performance on Metal Mercury Playback Engine
  • Improved Reverse Playback performance of HEVC file
  • Improved Metal renderer performance at Full Res playback
  • Lumetri: Performance drop/dropped frames with interlaced media (GPU)
  • 8K R3D playback performance issues at Full and half resolution (MAC)


  • Some ARRI Alexa Mini files appear incorrectly vertically instead of horizontally.
  • HEVC mov files with Codec ID hev1 import as audio only.
  • Playback does not work when importing ALEXA_LF 3840 x 2160 files.
  • R3D file plays back distorted in 1/4 resolution or lower playback setting.
  • When importing Prores422HQ codec mov files on Mac, a slight color shift can occur.
  • QuickTime files that are out of gamut are shown as being in gamut on Windows.
  • Open GOP files have artifacts with HW decode.
  • Some H.264 files with Frame Rate & Original Frame Rate values have switch to software decode.
  • Imported H.264 10-bit files have shift in color values.
  • Premiere can't import 4448x1856 ARRI RAW files and eventually hangs the app.
  • Importing some QT files causes the app to hang or crash.
  • Subsequent imports of XDCAM HD 422 MOV file import only audio.
  • Some Audio/Video file imports as Video only.
  • Filmic Pro files import as video only.
  • 4K Raw files from Sony FS7 import as white screen.

Workspaces and Panels

  • Workspace is blank when opening legacy project.
  • Open legacy Project brings up workspace dialog each time.
  • Workspaces don't save with the project.
  • Display Timecode is inconsistent when multiple Timeline panels are visible.
  • Opening a second project opens two project tabs in Project Panel.
  • Switch to another workspace results in missing some or all of the Project tabs.


  • Adding marker to Multi-cam clip causes waveform to disappear.
  • Clip name in timeline not legible.
  • File selection is not carried over when switching between Icon and List Views in Project panel.
  • Marker workflow between Timeline, Source Monitor, and Program Monitor panels is broken.
  • Video and Audio usage drop-down list doesn't work if any clip is selected in the Project Panel.
  • Digital distortion in silent areas between clips if used as a track-based compressor.
  • Drag clips from one project to another project’s sequence loses clip label color.
  • Moving Clip Between Projects Via Source Monitor loses Label Color.
  • Reveal in Project, with Bin set to Open in place, results in Bin tab not being selected.
  • Merged Clips are deleted from a timeline, without a warning, if a smart bin filtering merged clip is deleted.
  • Clip marker comments are lost when quitting.
  • When AJA Capture Settings dialog is set to Control Panel, changes are unsaved.
  • Background color of drop zone barely visible when dragging media from Finder onto project folder.
  • Saving multiple open projects that originally had different saved renderers all get saved with current renderer.
  • Motion Graphic Template does not always relink, indicating that After Effects must be installed.
  • Can't change camera views of a multi-cam project item in a locked project.
  • When AJA io4k is configured to transmit Rec 2020 over HDMI, picture outcome is corrupted.
  • With Sonnet eGPU device attached to iMac Pro, new timeline creation leads to crash.
  • Incorrect XMP data leads to missing frames in Source Monitor playback.


  • Intermittently lose decoding of CC 608 or 708 in timeline when adding more than one blank caption with ctrl click add caption to timeline.
  • Sometimes after making two blank captions, all captions are now white and default to upper left.
  • Trying to author captions on V3 when another captions track is on V2 causes multiple problems and sometimes locks user out of V3 track.
  • Windows Only - setting I/O point and exporting project with embedded captions strips captions from track.
  • When import dfxp TTML open caption file and place it on the timeline, characters appear to overlap on the program monitor.


  • Media Pending error displays when Audio Input set to non-working device.
  • Mix down clips to stereo setting deletes track routing when dragging a Sequence to the Source Monitor with Multichannel Master tracks.
  • Specific AAF files that are exported fail to import on Windows.
  • Silent Audio Export from Audio Clip at 9000% Speed.
  • Solo in clip mixer with a clip loaded into the source monitor does not properly reflect the solo state in the mini meters.
  • Waveforms constantly refresh with large projects when BlackMagic transmit enabled.
  • Switching cameras on multicam clip in the source monitor does not switch audio unless third-party transmit is enabled.
  • Embed audio for AAF creation strips out the audio file metadata.
  • There is intermittent Left/right channel bleed and waveforms only display problem areas at certain zoom levels.
  • Some TS muxed 5.1ch files are imported as stereo.
  • Incomplete audio when recording on two tracks.
  • Audio distortion when using an ASIO sound card, Decklink device, and switching rapidly between Multicam View leads to hang.
  • Flattening a multicam audio item clears any volume adjustment.

Export and Render

  • Green/pink patches along with horizontal lines are observed while playback of HEVC/H.264 files with Intel Graphics 620.
  • Error Compiling Movie "Software Render Error" for some third-party Plug-ins.
  • Warp Stabilizer gives a bad result with interlaced footages.
  • Certain settings for MPEG-2 export result in pixelation.
  • Red frames when exporting specific projects.
  • Export of HEVC 4K clip using HW encoding on i9 MacBookPro results in ExporterMPEG_VideoToolbox error.
  • Analyzing in Background banner appears erroneously when playing a Morph Cut.
  • Export Range is full instead of limited when exporting HDR content for H.264 and HEVC.
  • Export failures - caused by Lumetri Render error.

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