Work with Xcode and Reality Composer

Learn how to export your AR creation from Adobe Aero to Xcode and Reality Composer so that you can publish your work to third-party iOS applications.

Export files

  1. In Aero, tap on Share and select Export As...
  2. Select Universal Scene Description (.USDZ).

Open a .USDZ file in AR Quick Look

Universal Scene Description Files can be opened directly on iOS devices in AR Quick Look. This can be a convenient way to share your creation with others.

Some messaging applications like iMessage show previews of your file before they are opened in AR.


Universal Scene Description Files are best viewed in iOS 13.1 and above.

Open a .USDZ file in Reality Composer

On iOS or iPad

  1. Download Reality Composer from the App Store.
  2. In Reality Composer, choose the kind of experience you want to create. For example, a horizontal surface.
  3. Once your scene is open, select the + icon. A dialog appears. Under Imported, choose the + icon.
  4. Browse and select the exported .USDZ file.

On desktop


You need Xcode version 11.2 or above, and macOS 10.14.6 Mojave or above.

  1. Open Xcode and navigate to File > New Project... (or open your existing Xcode AR Project).
  2. Choose Augmented Reality and fill in the dialog details: Swift for Language and RealityKit for Content Technology.
  3. Then, under your project name, open Experience.rcproject.
  4. Choose Open in Reality Composer option.
  5. In Reality Composer, choose the kind of experience you want to create. For example, a horizontal surface.
  6. Once your scene is open, select the + icon. A dialog box appears. Under Imported, choose the icon.
  7. Browse and select the exported .USDZ file.
  8. Select the asset and bring it into your scene.
  9. Save or exit Reality Composer and compile your Xcode project.

What's next?

We've helped you learn how to share a link to your AR experience with others. You can also share a link to your experience or share it as a .real file

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