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Artwork created in Illustrator can have white objects applied with unintentional overprint. This becomes apparent only when one turns on the overprint preview or printing separations. This causes delays in the production process and reprinting may need to be performed. Though Illustrator warns users if a white object is applied with overprint, there are scenarios when a white overprint may occur without it coming to the user’s notice. For example:

From this version of Illustrator, you have the Discard White Overprint option to remove white overprint attributes in the Document Setup and Print dialogs. This option is, by default,  switched on in both dialogs . If the Discard White Overprint option is not selected in the Document Setup dialog, it can be overridden by selecting the option in the Print dialog.

Scenario 1

An object with overprint is selected, and then a new object with white fill/stroke is created. In this scenario the appearance attributes of previously selected objects is copied to the new object, resulting in overprint applied to the white-filled object.

Scenario 2

A non-white object with overprint is changed to an object with white fill.
To overcome this problem, we now remove the overprint attribute from white objects during operations like printing or saving to EPS or PDF. This enables users to use print and output without the need to check and correct for white-object overprint in artwork. This approach will be optimal for most scenarios - legacy artwork, new artwork, non-White objects with Overprint applied to them when changed to White.

Suppress White Overprint in Output option available in the Document Setup dialog (left), and the Print dialog (right)
Suppress White Overprint in Output option available in the Document Setup dialog (left), and the Print dialog (right)

Spot White objects with overprint are not affected by this operation. This affects only the saved files or the output of an Illustrator file. Also, artwork remains unaffected by this setting.

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