For known issues with the shipping version of Adobe XD, see Adobe XD: Known Issues.


Mac and Windows

59719-Symbols do not resize when responsive resize is applied to its parent container.

Workaround: Convert individual symbols into grouped elements on the design canvas and apply responsive resize to the parent container.

54351-Background blurs with opacity and strokes do not render correctly in the preview window.

Workaround: Create two separate layers; one with transparent fills and strokes, and another one with the background blur layered below.

56652-Rotated elements in a nested group are offset when using the responsive resize.

Workaround: Reimport the rotated instance into XD.

63152-Overlay with a Voice Trigger does not transition.

Workaround: No workaround available.

14850-Selecting a color stop in the gradient properties inspector and pressing delete key on the keyboard deletes the selected color.

Workaround: Though not a workaround, XD uses a visual indicator to notify when you select a color stop.

Mac Only

62364-Voice command intermittently fails due to Chrome locking the microphone.

Workaround: Restart the machine.

63198-Performance degradation on Mojave for some users.

Workaround: Restart the machine.

63158-Japanese customers unable to use voice prototyping with English words.

Workaround: When working with voice prototyping, modify the language options in XD System Preferences to English or any other supported language and switch back to Japanese language later.

62262-File Sync error when filename contains surrogate characters.

Workaround: Rename XD file using non-surrogate characters.

Windows Only

61875-Mic permission is off for XD on Windows by default.

Workaround: Enable the microphone permissions from Settings > Microphone Privacy Settings,  and enable access for Adobe XD CC.

62309-Locally linked or cloud linked PSD files in AI are not shown in XD.

Workaround: Before opening the file in Adobe XD, edit the Illustrator file to embed the Photoshop files instead of linking them. 

49656-XD crashes when launching on Windows 10 RS5.

Workaround: Reboot your machine and launch XD again. For more information on supported versions, see Adobe XD CC system requirements.

63061-Japanese customers with Windows OS cannot comment on prototypes on the Edge browser.

Workaround: Enter a new line character and start commenting on the prototype.

62120-The content of Report Abuse email for plugins is a messy code in Korean, French, and German.

Workaround: When working with plugins, modify the language options in XD System Preferences to English or any other supported language and switch back to Korean, French and German language later.

55681-Keyboard shortcuts stop working and XD crashes on Windows 10 RS4.

Workaround: Switch the focus away from XD by clicking any other application, and click XD again.

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