Shared Device License is a licensing method targeted at educational institutions where software is assigned to a device instead of an individual. Users who sign in with their Adobe ID credentials will have access to Adobe's products and services.

When you deploy the your Creative Cloud apps on devices in your institution, you can use the following Share Device configuration options to further decide how these apps are made accessible to the staff and students:

User Access Policy:

Decide who can access apps on the device.

Egress IP addresses:

Machines cannot access Adobe apps and services outside the defined Egress IP addresses.

Create required product profiles. For each product profile, set the above configuration as required:

  1. For each product profile, go to the Permissions tab and set the folloiwng configurations, as required:

    Shared device configurations
  2. To change the User Access Policy, click Edit in the User Access Policy row and set the user access as follows:

    User access policies

    You can also specify an Egress IP addresses of computers. Any computer not includes in the specified IP addresses will not have access to the Shared Device license for that computer.

  3. Go to the Egress IP Ranges section and specify each IP addresses on a separate line.

    Egress IP addresses

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