Learn faster with the Illustrator Discover panel

Learn how to work on the Discover panel and explore tools and articles within Illustrator.

The new Discover panel offers contextually relevant help and learning resources to quickly locate articles and work efficiently with the tools in Illustrator.

The panel gives you recommendations that improve speed and efficiency with Illustrator tools. These recommendations include tips and tutorials on how to get multi-step workflows done faster. 

To access the new Discover panel at any time in Illustrator:

  • Press F1.
  • Click the Search icon ( ) at the upper-right of the interface.
  • Choose Help > Illustrator Help.

To exit the Discover panel at any point, hit the Esc key.

Discover Panel

The Discover panel interface within the Illustrator workspace
The Discover panel interface

A. Suggestion B. Browse C. Resource links 

The Discover panel home screen offers three helpful sections to orient you to key learning resources.

A. Suggested content at the top of the interface jump starts your learning journey. Your suggestions become more personalized based on your search history and the content you choose.

B. Discover something new! Skip your search and use this section to easily find in-app tutorials and information about the latest Illustrator features.

C. Quick external links to useful Adobe resources help you continue learning or expand Illustrator features with plugins.

Explore search experience

You can use the Discover panel search bar to access the full repository of tools, in-app tutorials, and articles that help you build your skills. Search offers auto-complete suggestions including suggested content, tool shortcuts, and quick links.

Use the back arrow to return to the previous page, or select the home icon to start over.

View search results

View search results

The Discover panel surfaces tools and menu items based on your search queries. The search results page organizes recommended content into easily identifiable categories. 

When you click the search result, a floating blue coach mark appears to help you discover where the tools or menu items are located.

Tool tip and tool technique

Tool tip and tool technique

Find important information quickly with optimized search results. Find tools and learn to use them seamlessly with the help of Tool Tips and Techniques.

  • Tool Tip: Gives an idea about using the tool.
  • Tool Technique: Gives step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool.

The following steps will help you get started with any tool in the toolbar:

  1. Hover over the tool you want to use for your artwork.

  2. Click Learn more on the Tool Tip to access the Tool Technique.

Configure Discover panel Preferences

To open the Discover panel settings, click the settings icon in the bottom right of the Discover panel and select Preferences.

Discover Panel how to use
Discover panel settings

Discover Panel how to use

Location coach marks: Enable to view the location of the tool or a feature within the app when the pointer is over it. 

Quick select: Enable to select the top tool or feature when you press Enter after typing in the search field. When turned off, pressing Enter shows all results.

Watch this 2 minute 55 seconds video on how to make the most of Illustrator's native search panel. 

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