Questions about your bill? Find answers to common billing questions.

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Why did my bill go up?

The most common reasons for a higher bill are:

  • A promotional price ended.
  • A trial converted to a paid plan. See how to cancel your plan.
  • You purchased an Adobe Stock premium image or images beyond your plan allotment.
  • The price in your region increased recently.

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Why am I being double-charged?

Two similar charges are often due to the following:

  • You canceled an annual plan early and were charged a cancelation fee. 
  • You missed the previous payment.
  • You placed an order multiple times.

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I didn't buy anything from Adobe. What's this charge?

Unexpected charges are often because:

Learn more about unexpected charges.

Why did I receive a payment reminder from Adobe when I already paid?

A payment reminder might be because:

  • You have more than one plan.
  • Your credit card expired. 
  • The address for your credit card changed.

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Why can't I update my credit card information?

If you can't update your account, try:

  • Using a different browser.
  • Updating it tomorrow if it is your billing/renewal day.

Find solutions to updating your credit card.

Why is there an extra charge on my bill?

An extra charge could be because:

  • You were charged a fee for canceling your plan early.
  • You purchased additional Stock images.
  • A trial product converted to a paid plan.
  • An annual plan just renewed.

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