Learn how to create a Motion Graphics template with replaceable media and use media replacement with essential properties.

Replace images and videos in Motion Graphics templates and Essential Properties

Speed up your workflow and enable Premiere Pro editors to use different types of media, such as clips or images captured after the MOGRT was designed. Multiple variations of a template can be generated using Essential Properties inside After Effects and can swap out different types of media for a variety of output choices such as social media graphics, animated slideshows, brand templates containing a logo, or dynamic transitions between video clips.

final_before final_after

Authoring MOGRTs


As a MOGRTs author, you can choose which image, image sequence, video, the consumer of your template can replace.

Authoring Essential Properties


As a MOGRTs author, you can use Essential Properties to preview what different versions of the template would look like before you export.

Create a Motion Graphics template with replaceable media


Step 1: To make a layer replaceable in After Effects, drag the layer to the Essential Graphics panel.

They support video and image layers including Photoshop and Illustrator files also.

Step 2: Export the template as a Motion Graphics template.

 To reduce the file size of your template, you can right-click on the thumbnail in the Essential Graphics panel and replace it with a thumbnail or placeholder.


Media Replacement feature does not work with MOGRTs that require Dynamic Link.

Use Media Replacement with Essential Properties

  1. Drag the layer you want to make replaceable to the Essential Graphics panel.

  2. Nest your composition inside another composition.

  3. Twirl down to the media’s Essential property in the timeline.

  4. Drag another piece of media from the project panel – an image, video or comp – on top. The thumbnails show a blue outline and the media is replaced. 

  5. Double-click on the media in the timeline to open a precomp to edit that instance of the media.


Try out the sample project!


Edit your MOGRTs with replaceable media in Premiere Pro


Media replacement MOGRTs are the quickest way to get started creating exciting visual effects for your video without having to start from scratch. In Premiere Pro, you can build on pre-existing templates created in After Effects with replaceable media while retaining your creative control! As an editor, drag and drop new graphics, like a company logo, or a new video, into the template. MOGRTs allow you to work more efficiently with graphics and animations while retaining visual consistency. For more information, see Replace images or videos in Motion Graphics templates.