For known issues with the shipping version of Adobe XD, see Adobe XD: Known Issues.


Mac and Windows

59719- Symbols do not resize when responsive resize is applied to its parent container.

Workaround: Convert individual symbols into grouped elements on the design canvas and apply responsive resize to the parent container.

54351-Background blurs with opacity and strokes do not render correctly in the preview window.

Workaround: Create two separate layers; one with transparent fills and strokes, and another one with the background blur layered below.

56652-Rotated elements in a nested group are offset when using the responsive resize.

Workaround: Reimport the rotated instance into XD.

14850-Selecting a color stop in the gradient properties inspector and pressing delete key on the keyboard deletes the selected color.

Workaround: Though not a workaround, XD uses a visual indicator to notify you when a color stop is selected.

Windows Only

49656- XD crashes when launching on Windows 10 RS5 Beta.

Workaround: Install XD on a supported Windows version. For more information, see Adobe XD CC system requirements.

55681- Keyboard shortcuts stop working and XD crashes on Windows 10 RS4.

Workaround: Switch the focus away from XD by clicking any other application, and click XD again.


55161- Safari browser does not show the prototype in full screen mode.


  1. Open any prototype in the Safari browser.
  2. From the browser menu, select Share >Add to Home Screen.
  3. Switch to the device home screen and click the new icon.

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