Supported and non-supported elements when opening an Illustrator file in XD.

When opening Illustrator files in XD, most of the layers and effects are retained with exact visual fidelity and are editable. However, some Illustrator features are not compliant with Adobe XD 13, and are transferred as vectors or not transferred at all.

What are the supported elements when importing an Illustrator file?

  • Vector shapes
  • Paths
  • Artboards
  • Text with styles
  • Embedded and linked Images
  • Groups
  • Boolean operations
  • Layers structure and proprieties (locked and visibility)
  • Clipping masks
  • Symbols as expanded layers
  • Strokes and fills
  • Shadows
  • Opacity
  • Object and background blur
  • Linear and radial gradients
  • Patterns as images
  • Vertical text as outlines
  • Text on path as outlines

What are the non-supported elements when importing an Illustrator file?

  • Transparency masks
  • Photoshop and SVG filters
  • Blend modes
  • Gradient mesh
  • Feather effect
  • Text kerning
  • Symbols are imported as shapes on canvas, but linked behavior is not preserved or added in the Assets panel.
  • Glow effect appears as object blur.
  • Document swatches or global colors are not transferred as color swatches in XD.
  • Character styles are not transferred as styles to the Assets panel.


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