February and March 2019 release of Adobe XD.

For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Adobe XD, Feature summary | earlier releases.


Adobe XD is a vector-based tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile apps. Switch easily from wire framing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing, and sharing, all in one powerful tool.

XD is made for all types of creators - UX/UI designers, interaction designers, experience designers, product designers, web designers, app designers, visual designers, entrepreneurs, and more.


New Features in Adobe XD 17

Resolve missing fonts

Activating from Adobe fonts
Activating from Adobe fonts

With the latest release of Adobe XD, we’ve streamlined the task of loading missing fonts from the Adobe Font Library along with managing non-Adobe fonts, all directly within the application. 

To ensure a seamless experience when working with Adobe fonts, XD automatically activates the missing fonts available in Adobe Fonts Library on your machine without your intervention.

As long as you are online, opening a document that has missing fonts which are available in Adobe Fonts (to which you have access to via your Creative Cloud Subscription), XD automatically activates them on your machine.

Fonts that are activated from Adobe Fonts are highlighted with a blue activation icon, and as soon they are ready to use, they are available in your document, with no intervention from your end.

Auto-activate Adobe fonts
Auto-activate Adobe fonts

A. Missing fonts B. Activating fonts 

Check out this video on working with missing fonts.

For more information, see Manage assets and symbols

Drag gesture support in a prototype web browser

You can now optimally experience your prototype behaviour as you designed it for drag effects when viewing or sharing web prototypes. In previous releases, drag gestures were supported on desktop and defaulted to tap on web; but with this update you can actually drag them on a web browser.

Drag gesture in a browser
Drag gesture in a browser

For more information, see Create prototypes using auto-animate.

Copy/paste vector content to Illustrator

Vector content to Illustrator
Vector content to Illustrator

You can now copy XD vector content to the clipboard and then paste it as editable layers into Adobe Illustrator. In previous versions, Illustrator was pasting flattened images for content copied from XD and this has now been upgraded to an SVG based vector transfer.

This feature is compatible with Illustrator version 23.0.2 or later.

Check out this video on how to copy/paste vector content to Illustrator.

For more information, see Working with external assets.

Hide navigation controls in web prototypes

You can now control the visibility of pagination and navigation controls in your web prototype to create a more controlled environment for user testing.

Show and hide navigation controls
Show and hide navigation controls

You can enable or disable Show Navigation Controls within the Share option, and if the controls are:

  • Enabled (default setting): the prototype web app shows the same Home, Back and Next buttons.
  • Disabled: prototype web app navigation controls and the artboard numbers are not visible. You can use the defined hotspots to interact with prototypes and click the Home button to navigate to the home screen. In case of a mobile experience, when you open a prototype link, you can view the onboarding screen, the left/right chevrons are hidden, and the swipe gesture is disabled.

If prototype flows have wires, you can also choose to show navigation controls when publishing your prototypes. 


if you’d like to take advantage of this new feature even for your existing links, re-publish your prototype with Show Navigation Controls turned off.

Navigation controls disabled
Navigation controls disabled

Check out this video on hiding navigation controls in web prototypes.

Improvements in mark for export

Mark for export
Mark for export

You can select any object on the design canvas and mark it for export by clicking the new Mark for Export check box in the Property Inspector or right-clicking and selecting it from the menu as well.

From this release onwards, all bitmap images imported into XD are automatically marked for export. When you import or open Illustrator or Photoshop document with images, XD automatically marks all bitmap images for export. 

You can either select File > Export > Batch to export all the layers marked for export, or alternatively, Share > Share for Development and include assets in Design Specs. 


Mark for Batch Export option is now renamed as Mark for Export.

Check out this video on marking assets for export.

Enhancements to the selection tool

Object selection across multiple groups
Object selection across multiple groups

XD has enhanced the selection tool, making selecting content across groups much more powerful. You can select objects within multiple groups on the canvas using Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Click independent of which groups they're part of. Once selected, you can easily change common attributes in the Properties Inspector, you can duplicate the content by Alt-dragging, or using Cmd/Ctrl+D.

Check out this video on selecting objects across multiple groups.

JIRA server integration

Adobe XD integration with Jira Software streamlines collaboration between designers and developers with instant access to shared XD prototypes and design specs right in your Jira issue.

Extending support to Jira Software Server and Jira Software Data Center bring these benefits to enterprise customers that need a custom solution with special data governance requirements. For information on how Jira admins can enable this integration, see Jira integration for XD.

New Features in Adobe XD 16

Record voice interactions with audio narration

Adobe XD introduces the ability to add narration using your microphone when you record a desktop preview interaction. As you click through, any voice narration is also included with the recording. This is especially useful for a remote client application walkthrough without being physically present with a client or stakeholder.

While this feature has been accessible to Windows users through an OS-level control in Gamecenter, this new functionality extends to Mac users. 

Check out this video on how to add narration to a prototype when recording.

Record interactions
Record interactions

For more information on how to record voice interactions and add them to your narration, see Add a voice narration to a prototype.

Eyedropper keyboard shortcut to change colors

Adobe XD introduces a shortcut for the eyedropper that makes it easier to change object colors. Select the object or group of objects that you'd like to change the color of, and use i on the keyboard to load the eyedropper cursor and select any color on the design canvas to modify the color of an object. The color picker allows you to select absolute colors only; you cannot use the tool to select linear or radial gradients.

Check out this video on how to use the eyedropper tool.

Eyedropper tool shortcut
Eyedropper tool shortcut

For more information on how to use the eyedropper tool shortcut, see Keyboard shortcuts in XD.

Utility navigation components in prototype and design specs

When accessing XD published prototypes or design specs on the web, you have a unified experience to access the utility navigation controls. This ensures a unified experience when you interact with other Adobe web applications.

Access utility navigation controls
Access utility navigation controls

A. Support and feedback B. Notifications C. User profile 

For more information, see Work with prototypes in XD.

UI improvements pertaining to switching between public and private sharing

To improve the discoverability and usage of the Share feature and its workflows, XD provides the following options to share a prototype.

  • Anyone with the link can view
  • Only invited people can view
Improved share workflows
Improved Share workflows

For more information, see Share embed designs and prototypes.

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